Travel photography can be such a bore. Get the obligatory shot of the famous monument/statue/plaza/historic building/garden, etc. that everyone else has, get back on the bus and onto-the-next-one. But, this is where a lot of amateur photographer’s cut their teeth and help them develop a sense of style in their pictures, where they realize how important a well-done photograph of a significant landmark can be to yourself, or other’s.

Coming from one of the most historically, significant cities in human existence, I understand and sympathize to some extent with tourists, shuffling about with their point-and-shoot cameras, 3 rugrats in tow, attempting to hit all the monuments in one afternoon. But, that’s where people have it all wrong. While I feel it’s good culture to see these things, document them and digest them, I feel it’s more important to do more than scratch-the-surface of a city, town, or country. See something that local’s know about, something the tour guides won’t tell you about, go off the beaten path and discover something on your own. Some of my favorite photographs in my portfolio were done doing just that, walking out of the bus, hotel, car, with no agenda and just seeing where the road took me. Then again, it’s always good to try your hand at these famous/historically significant locations and try to put your own style and signature on it. Sure they’ve been photographed millions of times, by millions of different people over decades, or even centuries. But it hasn’t been done by you, put your sense of style on it and fire away.