Next to event photography, street photos are either number 1, or number 2 genre that is a part of every photographer’s portfolio when they are first finding their legs as a photographer and deciding on a style, or particular genre they want to find their voice in. Like shooting people, street photography is an important medium that tells more of a story than what is presented in picture form. Proper street photos will tell a story about a place, a graffiti mural, a homeless person on the street, rush hour traffic, street kids enjoying a flooding fire hydrant on a hot, summer’s day, a derelict building, or vacant lot can all add a subtext to the novella of city life.

Like most subjects and content in photography, a lot of it is for a limited-time only. This holds true for street photography because what is here one day, can easily disappear the next in an ever-changing landscape of lampposts, buildings, bodega’s, and the eclectic population that pumps through the arteries, giving blood and life to the city streets that envelop them. A photographer should always have their camera on them, but for a street photographer it should be an extension of their arm.