Event photography is probably the most, over-saturated form of photography (next to advertising photography) that dominates blogs, websites, and aspiring (“new”) photographers pages. Not only does it dominate a large portion of photographers portfolio’s and re-bloggable material, it is also the genre of photography that possess’ the least amount of artistic merit to produce. Or does it? In my experience, a lot of these photographers merely show up with camera in-hand and fire away at whoever feels like mugging in front of the camera, whatever band is on stage, art being exhibited, athlete competing, so-on and so-forth.

But, I feel that to truly, separate yourself and your photography from atypical event photography/photographer’s, one must delve deeper into what you are photographing, and who you are photographing by telling a comprehensive story from beginning of the event, to the end. I think it’s important to shoot the audience, and the performers/products/models, etc. that is being promoted for the event. But I think that it’s just as important to shoot other area’s and angles of the event to paint a different picture that just a candid documentation of things as they went down. Shoot people when they aren’t looking at you, take pictures from an unusual vantage point showing a different angle, get the shots you need for the client and then go off on a whim and try something new for yourself, your art, and the client. Set yourself and your artistry apart, it will show in your pictures.