-More Than Meets The Eye -

My very, first memories are filled with looking up at towering buildings guarding and looming over cityscapes. My family is from a large circle of commercial real estate developers, so getting exposed to derelict buildings, skeletal facades of structures waiting to touch the sky, and other urban properties was something that was ingrained to my eye at a young age.

When I decided to pick up the camera in high school, one of the first things I remember photographing were buildings, churches, plazas, statues, abandoned lots, and other artifacts of urban prosperity and decay. What I think that is special about these structures, is besides being a living slideshow of what you/people see everyday, people find these things mundane until they captured in an artistic way. A perfect example is Claude Monet who painted the Rouen Cathedral in over 30, different paintings, at different times of day to capture different looks that the façade may give off. This approach speaks volumes about architecture photography that I try to remember, every time that I photograph something like this.

Lastly, no matter who you are, what you are shooting with, or what time of day, someone can take a picture of a familiar piece of architecture an infinite number of ways and can display it within their unique style.